Machine Automation

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    Discover PENKO’s machine automation offerings to optimize your industrial processes and increase productivity. Our advanced machinery and software are specifically designed to benefit your business. Your tasks will be executed efficiently and flawlessly, saving you precious time, as well as reducing costs and errors, and improving quality.

    PENKO Measuring Instruments

    Measuring Instruments

    PENKO provides tailored solutions for processing industries; offering
    advanced measuring instruments
    such as amplifiers, indicators,
    controllers, and PLCs—to accurately
    meet your production needs.

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    Machine Automation Software


    PENKO’s advanced software solutions give you an in-depth look into all of the data you use for your factory automation processes. This detailed insight is easily accessible and valuable for you to have flexibility and improved efficiency of the production system.

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    Machine Automation Professional Services

    Professional Services

    At PENKO we offer professional services to help your production with full factory automation and system integration processes. Our experts offer customized solutions, professional consulting, and end-to-end support to ensure a smooth and effective production process.

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    PENKO Load Cells

    Load Cells

    PENKO’s load cells come in industry standard offerings with various capacities to allow for immediate off-the-shelf delivery. Vital as load transducers in retail, industry, and medical fields, our load cells
    underpin weight measurement across a variety of applications.
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    Machine Automation Platforms


    PENKO’s platforms facilitate the precise weighing of a variety of items. Our solutions seamlessly adjust to your products’ attributes and adapt to the weighing conditions of the industrial surroundings, ensuring a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

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    Machine Automation Product Selector

    Product Selector

    Enhance your production process with our advanced selection tool. PENKO’s Product Selector assesses your requirements, then suggests and presents the most suitable products to aid your business’ needs. Experience seamless efficiency and effectiveness all in one tool.

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