Measuring Instruments

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    PENKO offers a variety of customized solutions for the processing industries including a range of advanced measuring instruments. These devices which include, amplifiers, indicators, controllers and PLC, accurately and precisely measure weight, quantity and value for your production needs. Our measuring instruments are specifically designed to fit your project’s requirements precisely and reliably with options of both fixed as well as custom-made software solutions available.


    PLC - Omega

    At PENKO, we have designed our PLC in such a way that it always keeps up to speed, no matter how many processes need to be handled.

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    1020 Angled 547x400


    PENKO’s range of indicators includes sophisticated products that are suitable for general use in trade applications including automatic and non-automatic weighing applications.
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    SGM800 Series 547x400


    PENKO designs and manufactures a wide range of Amplifiers - also known as digitizers and signal conditioners or PLC weighing cards - which are available as analog or digital versions.
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    FLEX 4CH Front 547x400


    PENKO controllers are flexible and customizable solutions which can regulate a single process and/or multiple processes simultaneously.

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    REA RLC Mount 547x400


    A range of ancillary products are available, including power supplies, IO modules, cable extension boxes and printers.

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