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  • Our Design Expertise at Your Service

    By understanding the requirements of your factory processes and learning about the features of your factory building, the data storage required and data distribution system used, the electrical power system and any special production line requirements, we develop workable solutions together with you. We will work with your technicians and mechanical engineers to develop a detailed specification for the system.

    We provide you with a complete weighing and dosing solution, ranging from initial design concepts, to development of custom software and system integration right through to supplying, installing and commissioning the equipment.

    Technical support

    For maintenance of your operational weighing system and controller you can rely on us. Our Professional Services Team knows the instruments, calibrates and adjusts them by using mass pieces - deducible from national and international standards - and where necessary the team will solve any problems at the same time.  For continuous operation and your piece of mind, you have the following options:

    • Once-off maintenance: Once a year system recalibration and where necessary implementation of preventative measures
    • Maintenance contract:  This includes recalibration, any necessary implementation of preventative measures as well as a fast brakedown support.

    Maintenance Agreements

    For our customers and partners Penko offers a wide range of service activities in addition to proving Consulting, Engineering support and hardware. A number of PENKO customers have opted in a maintenance or calibration contract, to cover their (annually) recurring service needs.

    Due to increased complexity of installations, we have refined these contracts, giving them a new “lease of life”. Depending on your specific needs, Services are offered on three levels:

    Call-off contract:  this contract contains rates and conditions without any obligation to purchase. Any service required, will be dealt with as and when needed based on an hourly rate plus possible materials.

    Standard contract: an option whereby a number of fixed activities geared to your installations are defined and carried out periodically on a fixed price basis. This way we schedule preventative maintenance around your needs well in advance and so avoid expensive down time.  In our experience this kind of preventative maintenance and any undesirable corrective maintenance is usually prevented.

    Extensive Contract:  in addition to any defined activities a periodic analysis of the installations performance is made. You will receive a full report after each visit. This report includes recommendations on how installation performance can improve. This is your most optimal way of leveraging off the expertise of PENKO gathered over decades of serving your industry.

    If you would like to know more about Service Contracts options and possibilities, please contact Penko Sales on +(31)318 525 630 or

    Our Sales Team

    As part of our role in providing weighing and dosing equipment we ensure the whole system is installed, tested, programmed, commissioned and operates to your specification. Our team of specialist engineers and technicians is trained in system integration and commissioning.

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  • Training Days 

    PENKO Engineering B.V. offers training days for anyone interested in learning more about modern high-speed weighing techniques. Classes are free of charge, and students will learn about:

    • Load cell technology
    • How to select the correct load cell
    • How to get the best accuracy
    • Application areas of PENKO controllers
    • Advantages of PENKO instruments
    • Instruments
    • Callibration of systems
    • Filter technology
    • e-marking systems
    • BCS (Batch Control Systems)

    Training courses are available on request.

    Contact us for further details, also for on-site training at your premises (conditions apply). 


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