• Penko Ede Headquarters

    PENKO Engineering B.V. brings over 40 years of experience in delivering full factory automation and system integration using intelligent, customised solutions specifically for process industries. At PENKO, our sophisticated automation capabilities mean that we can efficiently connect production equipment to the business systems of factories around the world. PENKO’s precision automation systems provide intelligent data for all phases of your business.

    Our products are tailored to specifically fit a project’s requirements precisely and reliably. We handle all areas from consulting and project management to full control of the business process systems. We are at our customer’s side throughout all phases in their project, including after-sales training, service, support and upgrades to the system as and when needed.

    Whilst we provide full automation solutions at PENKO, we also work closely with OEM's, machine builders and system integrators who supply the process industry. We provide them with a wide range of weighing and dosing measurement, display and sequencer components and products for integration in automated machinery. Our client base includes the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, packaging, concrete, pet food chemical and petrochemical industries.

    PENKO Engineering B.V. is part of the global ETC Inc. group and based in Ede, Netherlands. Our company is represented in many major industrial countries through a global network of dealers and agents, fully supported by our own field sales and service teams.

    PENKO is ISO 9001 certified, complying to the international quality standard and demonstrating the ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

    Our Mission:

    At PENKO, we are dedicated to providing full factory automation and system integration for the process industries through customised solutions that deliver precision, automation and business intelligence. Since 1977, our expertise in automation continues to create more efficient and sustainable production and thus, greater success for our customers’ businesses.