• Industry Innovation for over 40 years

    PENKO is dedicated to providing full factory automation and system integration for industries. Through customized solutions that deliver precision, automation and business intelligence
    we create more efficient and sustainable production, allowing for greater successes for our customer's businesses.

    Factory Automation home page

    Factory Automation

    Factory Automation integrates production resources and software for efficient manufacturing. PENKO applies years of expertise and research in its engineering, PLC programming, and automation offering, optimizing processes using customization. 

    Machine Automation Home Page

    Machine Automation

    Optimize your industrial processes and increase productivity with our machine automation processes. Our advanced machinery and software are specifically designed to benefit your business, saving you precious time, reducing costs and errors, and improving quality.

    Design Expertise

    Unparalleled Design Expertise

    Our design experts will work with you to learn your business and factory process needs inside and out. We develop a customized workable solutions with you. We will work with your technicians and mechanical engineers to develop a detailed specification for the system.

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  • Automated process for sweets

    Sheer Happiness

    Moments of sheer happiness.
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  • Fully automated egg processing

    Egg processing

    Food safety is essential. 
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  • Optimizing dosing processes

    Royal Mosa

    Royal Mosa with PENKO.
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