PENKO Case Studies

  • Case Studies from the Food Industry


    Fish can be weighed fairly accurately on a heaving sea

    But more accurate still is possible with a new measurement method.

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    Nijland Innovation

    Focus on industrial craftsmanship

    How Nijland B.V., a company that processes and produces chicken and vegetarian products uses PENKO.

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    Sheer Happiness

    An automated  process for every type of sweets

    Creating technological moments of sheer happiness.

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    Flexible Bakery

    Flexible bakery ingredients supplier responds to trend

    More people suffer from allergies and coeliac disease and sensitivity to peanuts and other nuts.

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    Onions exactly on weight

    From bulk to packed, the right onions exactly on weight

    Crop Alliance has had experience with the weighing instruments of PENKO Engineering.

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    PAP eieren Fully automatic egg processing

    The cooked and peeled eggs are supplied to both industrial processors and catering companies. Food safety is essential.

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    Vulnerable Product

    Processing of a vulnerable product

    The mechanical assembling of mixed lettuce requires ingenuity. How PENKO & FTNON developed
    a solution.

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    FLEX Angled 547x400

    Synergy "Process control means of mass"

    Due to  hygienic requirements & the price of materials, a careful process is a must. Synergy relies on PENKO weighing instruments.

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    Chemical Industry

    Pottery Industry

    Concrete Industry


    Christeyns The Perfect Solution

    In the factory plant of soap producer Christeyns each raw materials silo has its own complete weighing system for dosing.

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    Bolidt Landing

    Bolidt "control of four mass flows"

    The strength of Bolidt is the development, production and application of thermosetting plastics.

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    Royal Mosa

    Mosa: PENKO optimizes tile manufacturer dosing process

    For an improvement in the production environment Royal Mosa took weighing specialist PENKO by the elbow.

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    Molenaar Concrete Industry in Goes (NL)

    A manufacturer of specialized concrete construction products, such as cover spacers, formwork spacers and formwork accessories.

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    Agro Seeds

    Animal Feed

    Sports Items

    SESVanderHave Link


    Automation expert ensures high-quality production. SESVanderHave updates its beet seed pelleting process SESVanderHave, located in Tienen, Belgium, is one of the largest beet seed producers in the world.

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    Daavision The Perfect Solution

    "Ever since we started building our factory, PENKO has been the partner who
    not only provided all the weighing equipment, but also the software that
    forms the heart of our production..."

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    Kookaburra The Perfect Solution

    Kookaburra Sport PTY Ltd had a challenge of a different kind for PENKO.
    They implemented a FLEX2100 for grading a natural product in the process of
    manufacturing Cricket balls.

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