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    At PENKO our newly designed Scales offering includes Floor Scales and Bench Scales which are specifically suited for heavy duty environments. Our team has undertaken years of research and expertise into the development of these scales to ensure that they meet your requirements to the highest standard.

    Bench Scale

    Bench Scales

    PENKO Engineering BV has launched a newly designed bench scale range for heavy duty environments. More than 45+ years
    of experience and expertise have gone into the development of the certifiable scales. Design details such as height adjustable
    feet, which are incorporated as a standard, demonstrate
    how much PENKO puts ease of use and steadiness as a
    priority in the new range.
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    Floor Scale

    Floor Scales

    A fully PENKO designed industrial scale range for heavy
    duty environments. The scales are manufactured from
    stainless steel, type 304. They contain stainless steel load
    cells with an IP rating of 68/69K. Both the load cells and
    the electronics used are OIML certified.

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