Floor Scale

  • Floor Scale

    A PENKO-designed industrial scale range for heavy duty environments

    • Heavy duty 4 load cell platform
    • Sturdy design for stable weighing signal
    • Capacities for 600 kg up to 2000 kg
    • Sizes 1000x1000mm and 1500x1500 mm 
    • Fully stainless steel
    • Easier access to load cells by special top plate design

    Floor Scale Main

    A fully PENKO designed industrial scale range for heavy duty environments. The scales are manufactured from stainless steel, type 304. They contain stainless steel load cells with an IP rating of 68/69K. Both the load cells and the electronics used are OIML certified.



    Floor Scale - Stiffness

    The stiffness of the frame is ensured by the thickness and design of the stainless steel frame and top plate. PENKO's well placed box profile structure, thoroughly tested by FEA simulation as well as with actual weights, prevents the frame from bending under full load. For both the 1000 x 1000 mm and the 1500 x 1500 mm, the top plate has a thickness of 5mm.


    Floor Scale - Leveling

    Weighing scales perform best on even surfaces. Most floors are slightly uneven. To compensate for that, our scales can be leveled out with height adjustable feet that are incorporated in the design as a standard. It allows for a height adjustment of 10mm. To easily check if the platform is leveled out, a bulls-eye is attached to the frame.

    Overload protection

    Floor Scale - Overload Protection

    PENKO's scales offer load cell overload protection which is included at all four corners of the scale. This prevents the development of unwanted shear forces on the load cells, extending the load cell's life expectancy.

    Non-matching load cell output

    Floor Scale - Load Cell Output

    All manufactured load cells have their own mV/V output. When multiple load cells are used in one platform, it is possible that the difference in outputs create too much weight deviation within the platform itself, resulting in a poorly performing weighing scale. To enhance the scale's performance in such a case, a PENKO designed junction box with individual load cell trimming options is included as a standard.

    Top plate design

    Floor Scale - Load Cell Output

    For easy access to the load cell and safety reasons, our scales' top plate has been divided into 4 pieces. Each piece has manageable dimensions and can be lifted by one person. PENKO's design makes checking, adjusting and replacing a load cell - as well as cleaning underneath the platform - much easier to execute.


    Our designs are based on the experience and expertise we have built over our 45+ years of existence. It resulted in a scale range with the following features: 

    • Leveling possibility for adjustment to uneven floors
    • Adjustment options for non-matching load cell outputs
    • Load cells overload protection
    • Special top plate design for safety and easier access to the load cells
    • An accessories range focused on enhancing the user experience
    • A stiff frame

    Floor Scale - Design Benefits

    Load Cell Type
    Load Cell Capacity
    Floor 1000x1000x115 mm
    4x3510 T-end  500kg  600kg  200g 
    1000x1000x115 mm
    4x3510 T-end 
    1000kg 1500kg  500g 
    1500x1500x115 mm
    4x3510 T-end 
    500kg 600kg  200g 
    1500x1500x115 mm
    4x3510 T-end 
    1000kg 1500kg  500g 
    1500x1500x115 mm
    4x3510 T-end 
    2000kg 2000kg  1kg 

    Available Accessory - Floor Scale Frame

    Floor Scale - Accessory

    • A stainless steel stand with integrated control panel
    • A stainless steel ramp. The width of the ramp is equal to the width of the platform. It has a length of 110mm at an angle of 5.7 degrees
    • A strong forklift subframe, ensuring easy lifting of the platform without damaging the scale's wiring. This frame is 85mm height. The fork channels have a width of 120mm and the centre to the centre distance between the channels is 370mm (common distance of a pallet/pump truck)

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