Bench Scales

  • Bench Scale 1

    A PENKO-designed industrial scale range for heavy duty environments.

    • A multi-functional and highly accurate weighing system
    • Robust, fast and user-friendly
    • 45 years of PENKO expertise

    • Multifunctional indicator with multiple applications – can be set as indicator, piece counter or checkweigher
    • Advanced technology and accurate weight measurements which save time and reduce waste when packaging and shipping items correctly
    • User-friendly interface with easy-to-understand controls and buttons
    • Fast and efficient weighing including the use of ‘High / Ok / Low’ options which are available in the Checkweigher application
    • PENKO’s Data Reporter software can be used for registering weighing data and connecting to ERP systems to track production progress
    • Easy mobility with the Bench scales support frame, making it easy to use in different locations
    • OIML approval for the load cell and indicator, which comply with European regulations. Inspection on request.
    • Effective cable length load cell outside platform (excl. indicator): approx. 4.3 m.
    • Effective cable length indicator with stand: 1 m.

    Load Cell Type 
    Load Cell Capacity 
    Weighing Capacity 
    Bench 300x300x115/125mm
    PC6, Y=25.000  20kg  3kg  1g 
    Bench 300x300x115/125mm 190i 20kg 6kg  2g 
    Bench 300x300x115/125mm 190i 50kg 15kg  5g 
    Bench 300x300x115/125mm 190i 75kg 30kg  10g 
    Bench 400x500x115/125mm 190i 75kg 30kg  10g 
    Bench 400x500x115/125mm 190i 200kg 60kg  20g 

    Certifiable Scales

    Bench Scale 2

    PENKO Bench scales are manufactured from stainless steel, type 304 with an integrated control panel. They also contain stainless steel load cells (type AISI 420) with an IP rating of 68/69K. Both the load cell and the electronics used are OIML certified.

    The scales include 4 height adjustable caster wheels and can be used for weight indication or piece counting as well as advanced versions. The manual filling / check weighing version shows a bar graph to indicate the correctness of the weight against the setpoint. The registration version makes it possible to register specific weighing data for further processing in e.g. spreadsheet program or ERP system.