• Omega


    Omega is an extendable system that is primarily designed for full automation processes. This Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) combines PENKO expertise and advanced technology in one comprehensive, intelligent system that creates optimal processes for precision automation.

    As the Omega is based on a Codesys PLC, you can easily and effectively write your own software program or make adaptations to your customer specific program created by PENKO. When PENKO writes your program, you also gain our weighing and dosing specialism and way of thinking.

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    A system for all applications

    The Omega provides the business intelligence of large factories in one efficient, PLC system. It can cover over 100 different types of
    applications including multitasking processes such as the controlling functions required for multiheads, graders and mixing plants. The
    multiple weighers required in these processes also run smoothly with the Omega. Each weighing card is capable of separately processing its assignments, and is incorporated with PENKO’s core values of precision, swiftness and stability. Through this procedure, only reliable and accurate measurement information is rapidly passed on to the PLC. The separate processing capability of each weighing card also ensures
    that no performance losses occur when expanding the operations of the Omega. Preserving the performance of your existing automation keeps your factory running consistently steady.


    Saving time and money

    With high accuracy and measuring speed, the Omega works quickly and effectively, saving time. It combines precise and fast (weighing) results with configurable algorithms and maintains a high level of quality throughout the full factory automation process.  

    In addition to process control, the Omega can also be a central location for data storage. Locally collecting data from a factory process can be required when the process itself is a stand-alone system, or when data exchange is inhibited due to different communication speeds between two systems. The Omega could also function as an alibi memory or as a data collector spot for developments that require data processing.

    Omega 2

    Cutting edge technology

    As a flagship product of PENKO, the Omega is a powerful solution which can be modified to suit individual production needs for all kinds
    of processes. Each Omega can contain up to a maximum of 8 embedded PLC cards. Up to 16 Omega systems can be coupled together,
    building a system of 128 PLC cards. All Codesys supported communication protocols are available. Standard weighing communication
    blocks are accessible so you can profit most from PENKO’s niche, specialised weighing & dosing knowledge and 40+ years of expertise.

    Product Features
    • Can support up to 16 weigher channels per rack
    • Uses CodeSys IDE and optional touchscreen to monitor and control systems
    • Each weighing module contains 2 weigher channels
    • For larger systems, up to 16 racks can be connected and up to 128 weigher channels
    • Fully configurable using a web browser
    • The embedded PLC cards come in various flavours such as Digital I/O cards, Analog I/O cards as well as weighing cards for up to 2 load-cells 
    • One Omega can contain up to a max of either 48DI / 96DO or 32AI / 32AO or 16 weighers / 32DI / 48DO or 16 weighers / 24DI / 24DO / 16AO

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