Consulting & Professional Services

  • Professional services

    PENKO Professional ServicesThe team at PENKO has over 45 years of experience in delivering full factory automation and system integration for the process industries. In addition to our wide range of advanced products and customized solutions, we offer professional consulting services – from project management and consulting to certification and calibration. The full machine automation process of your production can be looked after by our experts from start to finish with the team on hand to consult, advise and help the process run as smoothly and effectively as possible. 

    Project Management

    At PENKO alongside our precision, automation and business intelligence offering we provide project management of your production requirements from start to finish. Our specialist team will work together with you to ensure that all project goals are achieved within the given time frame. Our experts are always on hand to ensure that all deliverables in the project are efficiently and accurately produced to your specification.

    Project Consulting

    Our team of project consultants are happy to help and advise on your operational, strategic or technical queries on the project. They are there to help develop plans for your project, assign tasks and resources and ensure that these all keep in line with your business objectives. Our consultants at PENKO are available for guidance and support for your project’s needs and they will consider any project risks as well as allocating the required tasks to the project management team.


    Calibration is the process of testing a scale to ensure the level of accuracy you require. At PENKO we calibrate your weighing equipment with our high-precision working standards to guarantee quality assurance. These are checked at legally prescribed stages which check the level of accuracy of the measuring equipment.

    We comply with official international standards and guidelines here at PENKO and ensure that all customer’s instructions are met. Our calibration laboratory is set up for measured quantities of electrical, mechanical and pressure.

    At PENKO, we offer you:

    • The calibration of standards, measuring and test equipment
    • On-site calibration
    • The issuance of calibration certificates
    • The measurement and test equipment management
    Our Services:

    Our on-site calibration at the customer's facility ensures minimal downtime in production, development or in the test field. The transport risk is minimized, the administrative effort is lower, the availability of measuring and testing equipment for our customers is significantly higher. The on-site measurement and test equipment monitoring is in safe hands as it is carried out in accordance with official standards.

    At PENKO our measuring and test equipment management takes over the monitoring of deadlines for your calibrated devices and reminds you in good time of due dates for maintenance and recalibration. As a result, your certificates are always valid and comply with current regulations.


    Certification serves consumer protection and is mandatory for many companies and equipment. It is carried out by recognized test centers and should deliver trustworthy trade fair results.

    As part of the certification preparation, here at PENKO we ensure the proper condition of your scales and additional equipment. This includes maintenance, repair, and adjustment of the balance if necessary.

    Certification preparation is recommended as we can help you avoid additional costs of test weights and transport which might be incurred. If the operator presents scales for official verification without prior maintenance, there is always the risk of the scale being returned by the verification officer due to the equipment not meeting the standard error limits.

    With a professional certification preparation by PENKO, the scales are checked, adjusted, serviced and therefore certified in one go. Our technicians also test the scales for calibration and can intervene during the process to make any corrections that might be required. Since PENKO is accredited as a government-approved certification company, we can also repair certified measuring devices without the certificate validity being affected. Our certification process can be conducted across Europe.