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    Elevate your production with PENKO’s advanced software packages and precision instruments. The advanced technology of our products empower businesses to achieve efficient and precise manufacturing processes, while ensuring ample data processing. Thanks to PENKO's integrated approach, you can seamlessly implement tracking, tracing, and quality assurance using our Software solutions.

    Data Reporter

    Full Insight to your Weighing Data

    Data Reporter

    The PENKO Data-Reporter is a powerful Windows-based application that offers you full insight of your weighing data and allows you to import and export data to and from PENKO controllers. By storing the logged data as a .csv file, transferring data to other Windows-based programs for further analysis is easy.

    With this tool, you can examine the efficiency of your production lines and focus on specific areas for more in-depth analysis. The Data-Reporter is an effective tool in the machine automation process as the progress of certain batches can be monitored and improved with the information that is collected.

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    PENKO E-Marking software helps to ensure that production follows European weight rules but to also saves your business products and money. The E-Mark indicates that packages are filled or checked on weight by making use of an e-marking protocol. The E-marking protocol allows for a batch of packages, below 10kg, to be on average filled with the weight stated on the package, therefore allowing some products to be underfilled or overfilled.

    With PENKO E-Marking software it is easy to monitor the weight of each item in production and ensure it is over or underfilled within limits, therefore saving product and saving money overall.

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    Cloud Solutions

    Cloud Solutions 1

    PENKO’s Cloud Solutions are easily accessible solutions for uploading your data to a collective accessible platform. With our product, you can access the data at any time from any place. The Cloud Solutions can also monitor the efficiency of your machine and check-in on the status of your production process etc.

    Our Cloud Solutions require internet access. If internet access is already available, a Data Transfer module is used for uploading the data from your PENKO instrument to the remote platform. For places where no internet access exists, a Gateway can be coupled with the PENKO instrument for uploading your data to the cloud platform.

    The Data Transfer module also makes it possible to couple our Cloud Solutions with MQTT protocol. This protocol allows for a reliable and safe internet connection.

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