Data Reporter

  • Full insight to your weighing data

    The PENKO Data-Reporter is a powerful Windows-based application that offers you full insight of your weighing data and allows you to import and export data to and from PENKO controllers. By storing the logged data as a .csv file, transferring data to other Windows-based programs for further analysis is easy.

    With this tool, you can examine the efficiency of your production lines and focus on specific areas for more in-depth analysis. The Data-Reporter is an effective tool in the machine automation process as the progress of certain batches can be monitored and improved with the information that is collected.

    Data-Reporter can be installed on your local PC. The logged data can be stored on your network giving you access to your data everywhere within the network.

    Software Features
    • Registers your weighing data
    • Windows-based program
    • Stores logged data in a .cvs file
    • Can be installed on one Windows operating PC
    • Logged data can be stored on your Network

    Data-Reporter Add-ons

    Database Extension

    For storing data, this DataBase functionality can be used. A version based on MySQL and a version based on MSSQL are available.

    Database Extension

    Analyser Extension

    With the analyser functionality you can create reports from the data collected by the Data-Reporter software.

    The data per system will be shown, also indicating which data is out of spec.

    From the system’s data you are able to select a certain time period for deeper analysis. To distinguish between different days, 2 alternating colours are used.

    The data from this time period can be stored as a .csv file.

    You can select which components the analyser should show, combine multiple sub processes to 1 main process and rename specific steps within your process for easy recognition.

    The analyser functionality can only be used in combination with the Data-Reporter extension DataBase.

    Analyser Extension

    Scope Extension

    The scope function offers you the option to visualise your test data in a graph.

    The graph will show the value vs elapsed time.

    The Scope functionality is a customised extension that can be used during testing.

    Scope Extension