• Product Name

    This type of weighing device is intended to sort goods with a varying unit weight. This usually relates to natural products coming in various shapes, sizes and weights. The goal is to sort such products in a way that equally sized or weighted batches are made. In fact, these systems appear to be dynamic checkweighers, with the main difference being that selection is not based on ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but on weight class which falls within a lower and upper tolerance. Another difference is, that sorting is almost always done in multiple classes. Each class has its own bandwidth and its own discharge. Alternatively, there is the possibility to total the weights per class, ready for trade. In this case, the system functions as a checkweigher, which can be both class X and class Y. Also weight-sorting controls of peripheral instruments,
    such as labels and printers for labels - with or without barcodes- can be provided. The production data can be processed
    directly in the control system, or transferred to a parent system