Cloud Solutions

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    PENKO’s Cloud Solutions are easily accessible solutions for uploading your data to a collective accessible platform. With our product, you can access the data at any time from any place. The Cloud Solutions can also monitor the efficiency of your machine and check-in on the status of your production process etc.

    Cloud Solutions 2 

    Our Cloud Solutions require internet access. If internet access is already available, a Data Transfer module is used for uploading the data from your PENKO instrument to the remote platform. For places where no internet access exists, a Gateway can be coupled with the PENKO instrument for uploading your data to the cloud platform. 

    The Data Transfer module also makes it possible to couple our Cloud Solutions with MQTT protocol. This protocol allows for a reliable and safe internet connection.


    Predictive maintenance

    With the PENKO Cloud Solution for predictive maintenance you can monitor multiple critical machine parts of all of your coupled machines located globally. Knowing when critical parts of your machine need to be replaced before they are worn out and cause machine failure reduces machine downtime and costs. Advising your maintenance department or customer when to plan the maintenance of the machine, including which parts need to be replaced, increases the service level you’re offering. 

    Our solution also offers the option of sending an automated e-mail or text message when a preset alarm occurs saving your business time and potential costs.

    Predictive Maintenance

    Reporting Monitoring

    Reporting / Monitoring

    For a more complete and concise overview of the wellbeing of your (global) production process, PENKO’s Cloud Solutions offer live monitoring of your production lines or processes of multiple locations worldwide, in one place. The ability to quickly respond to any abnormalities in your global production process reduces product spillage and contributes to maximizing the efficiency or your lines and processes.


    The Cloud Solution also offers access to your own preset graphs, showing only the relevant information for you, saving time in analyzing your businesses performance. The preset graphs can be exported for further use in many formats, including pdf or jpeg. 

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