• Optimizing Precision Weighing

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    Weight control is essential for the process industry. PENKO provides instrumentation with software developed specifically for this industry, so you know what's happening in your company and – if needed – you can easily update, change and/or control your schedule and monitor your production. We ensure that with an accurate weight you know exactly how much product or material enters your company, with the exact stock levels known at all times along with information on how your mixes are composed and how much is processed, packaged and delivered.

    End User Solutions

    Solutions for End Users

    At PENKO, we have every solution you need for your machine to work efficiently and effectively. Our fast and precise tools ensure that you will save time and reduce waste, and therefore save your production costs. From Filling and Packaging to Continuous Weighing, PENKO’s solutions are user-friendly,
    reliable and accurate.

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    Machine Automation

    Solutions for Machine Automation

    PENKO offers high quality, cost-saving solutions for Machine Automation, including ready-made or customized products which can be created specifically for your needs. Our certified electronics have been specially developed with PENKO’s 45+ years of expertise in the industry. We will provide a fast delivery of a complete system without having to wait on external parties, saving you time, money and giving you the best service.
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    Factory Automation Product Line

    Solutions for Factory Automation

    PENKO’s solutions for Factory Automation optimize industrial processes and increase productivity. Our products are specifically designed to benefit your business through reducing costs, improving quality, and enhancing safety.

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    Retrofit Solutions

    Retrofit Solutions

    Upgrade your system with PENKO solutions. Whatever your requirements are, from Batch Processing to Motion Compensated Weighing, we have the tools to enhance your system with high quality products. With efficient and quick delivery, your equipment can be upgraded to a high standard
    with PENKO’s products in no time.
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