• Overview of PENKO software tools

  • Pi Mach II

    Pi Mach II is the free support and configuration software that can be used with PENKO family of Indicators and Controllers. In addition to Configure, Back Up, Firmware Update, the Pi Mach II software also provides Scope to record and evaluate output data, including the wave form of the strain gauge output.

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    Cloud Solutions

    PENKO'S cloud solutions are easily accessible solutions for uploading your data to a collective accessible platform. With our product, you can access the data at any time from any place.

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    An active-X component for Microsoft Office©  to enable import and export of data to and from a PENKO controllers. This very powerful package requires some knowledge of Visual Basic.  

    Collecting weighing/dosing information

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    While the E-mark certificate indicates compliance with European directives for trade, PENKO recognized the value-add for massive amounts of savings in terms of production time and products for any process manufacturer.

    Registration of filling data
    of prepackages (e-marking)

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