Measuring Instruments

  • PENKO offers a variety of customized solutions for the processing industries including a range of advanced measuring instruments. These devices which include, amplifiers, indicators, controllers and PLC, accurately and precisely measure weight, quantity and value for your production needs. Our measuring instruments are specifically designed to fit your project’s requirements precisely and reliably with options of both fixed as well as custom-made software solutions available.

    Bench Scale 2

    Bench Scales

    PENKO Engineering BV has launched a newly designed bench scale range for heavy duty environments. More than 45+ years of experience and expertise have gone into the development of the certifiable scales. Design details such as height adjustable feet, which are incorporated as a standard, demonstrate how much PENKO puts ease of use and steadiness as a priority in the new range.

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    A PLC is used for large, full automation processes whereas controllers are more suitable for smaller automation processes. At PENKO, we have designed our PLC in such a way that it always keeps up to speed, no matter how many processes need to be handled. For example, with Omega we have specific weighing cards for the Omega PLC which are designed precisely for high speed weighing.

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    1020 Angled 547x400Indicators

    Choose from a wide range of indicators designed for high accuracy and high speed applications for the processing industries. PENKO’s range includes sophisticated products that are suitable for general use in trade applications including automatic and non-automatic weighing applications. Our indicators are designed with easy and comfortable operation in mind. A screen with good visibility, an intuitive operating panel and a quickly obtained stable weighing signal are all part of our high-performance indicators. The precision weighing capability also ensures reliable and accurate measuring information.

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    SGM700 Series 547x400


    PENKO designs and manufactures a wide range of Amplifiers - also known as digitizers and signal conditioners or PLC weighing cards - which are available as analog or digital versions. These are suitable for use with all types of strain gauge load cells and a number of configurations supplied by PENKO.

    Options include Ethernet, Profibus and Profinet and they are available in various configurations including DIN-rail mounting, and IP65 enclosures.

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    FLEX2100 SS Angled 547x400Controllers

    PENKO controllers are flexible and customizable solutions which can regulate a single process and/or multiple processes simultaneously. These include the flagship Omega PLC, the Flex collection of controllers and 1020 and SGM800 ranges. Unlike the Omega PLC, our controllers are designed for smaller automation processes which have several lines with different capabilities that are suitable for all weighing automation processes. We have options for preset (fixed) weighing solutions like a PLC weighing card and stand-alone weighing solutions available. It is also possible to integrate our customized (weighing or non-weighing; single or multiple processes) automation solutions in the customers larger process automation.

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    FLEX 4CH Front 547x400Force Measuring

    Force measuring means measuring a certain load in newton, independent of the gravity

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