Fish Processing

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    Because the customer has the quality of his delicate product as a top priority, and is expecting the highest possible yield, Penkohas developed a number of appropriate solutions to cover production processes practically from "sea to table". 
    The unique properties of the Penko instruments and software are the basis for accurate weighing and dosing in many
    fish processing plants. Penko has automated fish auctions and fish processing companies in the Netherlands and in various other countries, and indeed, we are no stranger to the processing of mussels and shrimps. Penko also supplie
    a number of international machine builders with instruments that are used in a wide range of fish processing machines.

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  • OEM solution

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    Smart technology is essential fort he success of any machine building company. At Penko we understand the challenges mechanical equipment has on accurate and fast processing. This is why a clear scope definition forms the basis for every
    OEM specific development.   Many machine builders have built their expertise around processing specific types of fish.
    Where (check) weighing and dosing occurs in their process, one often relies on the fast and very accurate systems of Penko.

    Penko's engineers will be happy to work with you to tailor our instruments and software specifically to your wishes and those of your customers.
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  • Handling & Logistics

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    Before the fish lands on the boat to the plate, it has already undergone a number of logistic processes. In all cases the
    weight is of great importance. Whether it concerns weighing individual fish, filled crates, boxes, packages or entire
    pallets, Penko ensures that you get insight at any point of the logistical flow. In addition, regulatory requirements
    specify a precise and constant data chain of the catch location as well as the processing and storing process, until the
    product finally ends up on the consumer's plate. This is possible with an easy-to-use software package, the DataReporter.
    Of course, the Penko reporting module can provide insight into the production at the installations itself, but also at the office and if desired, it can be linked to an ERP system.

    From catch to plate – all under your control! 
    Feel free to contact or call +31 (0) 318 525 630.