Weighing data provides easy acces to processautomation

PENKO Engineering recently completed the SGM800 Digitizer range. The SGM800 Digitizer is a range of compact modules mounted on a DIN rail and that seamlessly connect load cells and strain gauges using industrial process control.  Connecting weighing instruments directly to automation, is one of the action points of Industry 4.0 and Smart Industry. Also weighing data are important components of Big Data. For this, it is necessary that all the weighing data collected in the field, also becomes available at a higher IT level. To achieve this with as many companies as possible, PENKO Engineering now offers the SGM800 Digitizer: a range of certified communications modules for different protocols which can be used simultaneously for decentralized control.

What PENKO first has tackled, are various protocols for industrial networks. PENKO solves this with six different versions of the SGM Digitizer, As a standard all six versions communicate via USB and RS485. The SGM820, includes Ethernet as an additional. Another model, the SGM830, offers USB and RS485.  The SGM840 offers another commonly used combination: namely PROFIBUS with USB and RS485. Finally the SGM850 communicates with RS232 / 422 plus the aforementioned RS485 and USB. In situations where 0/4 - 20/24 mA is required, the QMV Digitizer is optional equipped with a matching port. Thus communication between existing load cells of weighing bridges, silos, tanks and any other certified weighing signal is possible with virtually any process automation. 

Process Control
Except for communication via various protocols with PLC or industrial PCs QMV, the Digitizer is suitable as a mini controller for decentralized process control. The software for process control is already available; as plug & play application for a check weigher, a filling plant or a belt weigher. In this way, the SGM Digitizer functions as a truly decentralized controller. PENKO software also offers the possibility to configure the SGM Digitizer from a PC via Internet. The user can use a remote connection to the SGM Digitizer with G-Cal, in-house developed software by PENKO, for adjustment from every location on earth. This software, calculates the settings according to the gravity on the spot. Furthermore, the calibration is fully digital and therefore quickly implemented. Pi Mach II, is a freely available PENKO software for this purpose. The USB port, which is built-in as standard, can be used for functions to make a back-up or to restore. 

Precision and Quality
Naturally the SGM Digitizer can be combined with the very precise dosage controller of PENKO. At a rate of 1,600 samples per second, 24-bit internal resolution and 100,000 particles resolution, the data stream is easily dealt with by the SGM Digitizer when it comes to control or communication. The SGM Digitizer800 range is UL and CE certified, and OIML certified by DELTA for weighing applications in accordance with the Dutch Metrology Act and EU Directives 2014/31 / EU and 2014/32 / EU for non-automatic and automatic weighing applications. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the instrument has already proven its worth not only as an interface between the weighing sensors and overhead control, but also as an independent controller for, amongst others, filling systems, check weighers and belt weighers.

To meet quality requirements PENKO recently audited all aspects that are important to ISO9001-2008. The results of the audit was entirely positive so that a re-examination was not necessary.