PENKO's versatile weighing instruments now communicate even better.

Now also with Profinet

The PENKO SGM digitizers and 1020 indicating instruments are popular thanks to their excellent properties. Both models excel because of a high measuring speed, 1,600/s, and internal resolution, 24 bits with, if necessary, a display in 100,000 d. This combination offers excellent filtering capabilities, making the instruments an ideal solution for both static and dynamic weighing applications. Even rapid dosing processes and moving objects are perfectly controllable on weight. Additionally, special versions are available with programs for belt weighing (continuously totalizing), check weighing, filling purposes and both destructive and non-destructive force measurement. Where applicable, these versions are supported by evaluation certificates. This makes it possible to apply for trading purposes, automatically as well as non-automatically.

Both series possess a wide collection of communication options, such as RS232, RS422, Ethernet, USB, CAN interface and optionally Profibus. Industrial protocols, such as Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, FINS and optionally Profibus DP, support the communication. PENKO recently completed these options with, also optionally, Profinet.

SGM Serie