PENKO launches the multi-channel Omega weighing concept, Smart Industry becomes reality.

Predicting the future in most occasions is as clear as mud. Yet sometimes there is something to discover. Because, what is Smart Industry about? Mutual connectivity, or multiple measuring/control instruments functioning, thanks to their interconnection, as one complete controller. The PENKO Omega concept offers a “glimpse” into this future.

Despite numerous innovations in the concept, the basis remains familiar, weighing instrumentation with an accuracy of 10 000 d (0.001%), a measuring speed of 1 600 / s and an internal resolution of not less than 24 bits. All properties enabling the monitoring of rapidly changing weights, contribute to the filtering of unwanted side effects, so that even dynamic applications can be optimally controlled.

The Omega has its own programmable logic controller (PLC) per rack with up to 16 weighers. Furthermore, up to eight racks can also be connected per control unit, which makes up to 128 weighing/measuring systems available as one controller. Cards with inputs and outputs, both digital and analogue, are available for this section. Measuring systems for other units, such as pressure, temperature, humidity and the like, can also be checked. These measuring systems can be connected either analogue or digital. Apart of this, every weigher has its own processing unit with inputs and outputs. This ensures the control takes place simultaneously on three levels, per:

  • weigher, the of control weighing/dosing.
  • controller, the non-weight-dependent program sequence.
  • complete controlling system, the communication with peripherals and overhead systems.

This way, the entire combination functions as one system, while the three cycle times do not influence each other, guaranteeing optimal functionality and flexibility.

Possible applications include multi head filling equipment, grading machines on weight, extensive dosing and mixing installations, monitoring extensive goods storage plants such as silo batteries and the like.

You see, the future does come closer.