At PENKO we can deliver.

Despite the current global logistics crisis and on-going delays for many suppliers, here at PENKO we can still deliver the latest equipment to you with short lead times.

As an automation supplier with production in the Netherlands, PENKO is largely independent of supply chains in other parts of the world where the procurement crisis is greatly affecting other businesses. PENKO is able to deliver equipment without delays to our customers, giving them a huge competitive advantage over those who are struggling with the on-going delays in delivery.

OmegaPENKO’s Omega PLC is an extendable system based on Codesys – a world-wide recognized programming standard. It is available now and can be adaptable for any project. With Codesys, you can easily write your own software or make changes to suit your customer specific program. Find out more about Omega, it’s product features and specifications on our website.

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