Accurate weighing on board fishing vessels

Quite a few challenges had to be tackled, but here too it’s dogged does it. In good cooperation with VCU TCD B.V. (Vissers Coöperatie Urk) PENKO succeeded in developing systems that make precise weighing possible, even on the high seas. This means that, despite the continuous movements of the ship, the weight of the fish per crate is accurately determined. These movements not only make the weigher going up and down, so alternately undergoing accelerations and decelerations, but the weigher also inclines around two axes simultaneously. Not only this combination of factors automatically is compensated, the system also adapts to any differences in gravity. After all, when things are going well, ships are continuously on the move.

The application on board consists of filling crates with the caught fish for sales. The system is sufficiently accurate to perform this operation in accordance with the legal requirements, what makes checking at the fish auction superfluous. This weighers achieved an approval certificate in accordance with the EU directive for Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments with an accuracy of 2 500 d, or 0.04% of the weighing capacity, over two ranges. This accuracy is such that it even opens the doors for further automatic processing of the catchThe design is seawater resistant, where possible made out of high-quality stainless steel. The sensors, load cells, are also out of stainless steel and hermetically sealed (IP68/IP69K).Of course, smart ideas were needed to reach this goal. These are protected by international patents.

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