The Strength of Weighing


    Weight is always chemically correct independent of external influences. Each type of molecule has its own intrinsic mass. By weighing a substance, you are essentially counting molecules. It does not matter if you are preparing a mixture, filling packages or charging/discharging bulk material, the weight will always be authentic.

    By weighing a number of aggravating factors are eliminated: temperature (expansion/shrinking), compressibility, changes in density and/or aeration.

    Benefits of high speeds and high resolution weighing offer a ...

    1. wider range of options to supress unwanted dynamic effects
    2. higher accuracy in establishing cut off points
    3. more accurate detection of the load at break point

    ... whereby an improved indication of the load/weight is obtained and a higher accuracy in dosing/filling is achieved in various applications including:

    • weighing of goods in motion, such as belt weighers, check weighers and mobile weighers
    • fast filling machines and dosing installations
    • equipment for destructive force measurement

    Custom design requirements for complete assemblies or sub-assembly units for OEMs and ‘one-off’ projects gives you the flexibility you need for your specific requirements. Our flexibility is your advantage. We tailor make your solution.