Warehouse Operative



    Job Title:  Warehouse Operative
    Location:  Ede     


    Representative Responsibilities:


    • Receives purchased material into inventory
      • Matches received materials to purchase order and manufacture part number
      • Verifies count
      • Communicates discrepancies to the appropriate purchasing agent
      • Enters PO receipts into the computer database
      • Labels parts
    • Unload trucks
      • Ensures parts are not damaged
      • Drives forklift into semis and access pallet racking with the forklift
    • Receives items for repair or return and forwards to appropriate personnel


    • Receives manufactured material into inventory
      • Verifies count
      • Communicates discrepancies to person responsible for creating the work order
      • Enters work order receipts in the computer database
    • Enters miscellaneous transactions into the computer database
      • Pulls work orders or inventory requests for the shop floor
        • Labels parts
        • Delivers parts to the appropriate area or person
      • Inventory accuracy
        • Create cycle counts
        • Participates in the cycle counting procedure
        • Participates in physical inventory created by area
      • Maintains and organizes all stocking environments
        • Ensures stocking locations are current
        • Ensures parts are clearly identified
        • Ensures parts are put away daily
        • Ensures FIFO is applied when applicable
        • Ensures parts are stocked in a manner for efficiency
        • Maintain shortages for the shop floor


    • Pulls product orders and prepares for shipment.
    •  Completes daily orders
    • Ensures customer requirements are met
    • Verifies the correct product ships against the sales order
    • Follows proper packaging procedures
    • Operate the Instapack machine
    • Correctly processes orders in the SAP
    • Determines most effective shipping method and vendor
    • Uses approved vendors for specific shipping methods when appropriate
    • Ensures custom shipping requirements are met
    • Communicates shipping issues effectively with other ETC employees, vendors etc
    • Ensures identifiable needs and issues are communicated in a timely fashion
    • Stocks shipping materials at an acceptable level at all times
    • Completes daily data entry and reports
    • Enters information and ensures reports are delivered to the appropriate personnel daily
    • Fully utilizes internal bar coding processes to ensure accuracy
    • Ships, receives and stores trade show equipment in proper location
    • Follows ESD requirements
    • Adheres to safety standards at all times
    • Ensures that safe methods and practices are used
    • Abides by safety procedures, work practices controls, and ARBO guidelines
    • Wears personal protective equipment when required
    • Maintains a clean and organized work environment
    • Ensures that after shipping day is completed, floor is swept, tools are returned to designated locations and area is orderly
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Special projects and requests are completed in a timely and positive fashion


    Minimum Qualifications:

    • High school diploma or its equivalent
    • 6-12 months of practical work experience preferred
    • Good manual dexterity
    • Able to operate hand tools and small power tools
    • Able to operate bar code scanner
    • Able to operate a pallet jack
    • Certified and able to drive a forklift
    • Knowledge of electronics
    • Computer skills: MS Word, Outlook, SAP
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Strong communication skills
    • Able to speak, read and comprehend Dutch
    • Able to speak, read and comprehend English
    • Familiar with import and export laws as they relate to Penko products
    • Able to work independently and as part of a team
    • Ability to lift up to 23 kilos
    • Ability to work over, late afternoon or evening hours:  this position may require work hours that extend into the evening based on the daily volume


    Interested candidates should contact Angela Sherman at extension 5332 for more information and/or complete an internal application by March 9, 2022.  After this date external applications will be considered.