Technical Support Assistant Intern

(3-4 months)

  • Location:  Ede

    Department:  Technical Services              

    Job Title:  Technical Support Assistant Intern (3-4 months) 


    Representative Responsibilities:

    As part of the functions the intern will work on an internal learning & development project to understand technical specifications for wireless applications. The tasks for this project includes online research work, setup of equipment and working out rough ideas into a practical application.

    The intern will accompany team members on field trips for commissioning and calibration work at customer sites. These tasks will be discussed and allocated on a daily basis. The intern will complete documentation related to customer visits.  

    Part of their job will include drafting as well as dealing with quality documentation.

    Other tasks as assigned


    Minimum Qualifications:

    Aspirant of MBO graduate

    Drafting experience is not required but beneficial

    Computer skills including MS Office package

    Affinity for programming


    Intern level position

    • As a Technical Support Assistant intern, this position has had no prior exposure to formal technical training or processes and has little or no prior work experience in this job function
    • At this level, the employee, has not developed a level of expertise as a Technical Services assistant/engineer as a result, the employee will work in conjunction with the mentor who will do the following:
    • The  more senior level manager/mentor, provides continuing or individual assignments, indicating generally what is to be done, limitations, quality and quantity expected, deadlines, and priority of assignments, including suggested work methods or advise on source material
    • Mentor assures that finished work and methods used are technically accurate and in compliance with instructions or established procedures

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