November 8, 2017


    November 8, Penko Engineering celebrated its 40th anniversary in Ede. It was striking that 80% of the presentations were about the future; 20% went over the past 40 years.

    Penko has acquired a special position in the past 40 years as a manufacturer of high precision industrial weighing equipment. During the welcome speech, General Manager Susanne Krause addressed not only the first years when it took on very different assignments. Especially the years in which founders Willem van Huët and Vincent van der Wel became increasingly successful with their solutions in the field of weighing technology, supplemented with the necessary electronics, were the determining factor for the company. In June 2004, it became part of ETC (Electronic Theater Controls) from Middleton, WI, USA. But weighing technology remained number 1. Currently, this company operates in different markets and 20 different countries.


    An important change that is taking place today is the huge change that internet, smart factory and IIoT bring about. OEMs and end users are involved, working with Penko on this development. The products of Penko are already well established to support SMART Industry. For example, the BCS (Batch Control System) not only uses recipe, day programs, weekly scheduling and batch reports. Also, linking data to databases for analysis, tracking, tracing and ERP systems are part of the BCS. This is just one of the examples of the ever-increasing synergy of industry and IT. Another example is the solution to store data safely without adjusting to the end-user IT infrastructure. To safely access the data, the company provides a secure channel that works through any browser. It also makes it possible to log sensor data wirelessly to the cloud. This data traffic can even occur based on solar and GSM.

    Penko expects to be more and more active in the development of broad industrial automation solutions in the future. Of course, weighing technology will continue to play an important role, but other functions will also be part of the necessary hardware and software.


    The first issue of the history book was handed over by (left) Dick Titus, President of ETC, to Willem van Huët and Vincent van der Wel, founders of Penko Engineering. Vincent van der Wel is still employed by Penko and manages the interests of the weighing industry. He is also author of the book about the company's history.

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