Force Measurement

  • The expertise of PENKO Engineering B.V. in high speed and high resolution accurate measurement technique is a vital attribute in force measurement applications especially when it comes to destructive material investigations and the exact break force indication is a guaranteed requirement.

    For purposes of production control and safety, testing of materials is done based on force measurement.  Accurate high-speed measurements can be conducted for a wide range of dynamic compression/ tension, torque and load applications by applying a combination of the advanced PENKO force measurement indicator display and a high-quality strain gauge transducer. For these applications special, metal fatigue rated load cells and torque sensors guarantee continuous reliable measuring results. 

    Typical measurement systems continuously monitor the strain gauge output at 1600 measurements per second and provide 16-bit outputs assigned to the track, max/min peak, and hold or TIR functions.


    • 1020 Force Measurement Device (coming soon)
    • load cells
    • load cells for special applications


    • safety applications are typically found in hoists and elevators
    • inclusion in the production process,  for example, of cables which require a certain amount of stretching prior to further processing, or for concrete girders in the construction process of spans and bridge decks.
    • production process of pressing pills, pallets and granules.
    • testing of materials to establish the behaviour of materials, parts or devices. This can be a destructive or non-destructive test procedure.

    Destructive tests include break force detection and elongation at breakpoint of concrete elements, tow ropes and anchor chains etc.

  • Product Name

    PENKO 1020 FMD

    This Force Measuring Device (FMD) is user friendly designed. The graphical colour screen,
    the ease to operate and the high speed measuring makes this PENKO instrument in line with the PENKO Range.
    It also includes:  

    • 3 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs
    • panel mount or desktop / wall mounted stainless steel instrument
    • communication portals: USB & Ethernet
    • communication protocols: Ethernet-IP, Modbus TCP/RTU, ASCII, Fins, PENKO Web interface
    • alibi memory
    • measuring speed: 1600s/s
    • trend indication readout value (TIR) function  
    • 1 force measuring range  
    • optional: l analogue output l serial communicatie, CAN interface, Profibus-DP
    • certificates:  UL (listed), CE 

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