Load Cell Connection Accessories

  • Product Name

    SIGMA4 (Smart Junction Box)

    • Stainless steel IP65 enclosure
    • Facilitates automatic m-calibration and re-justification
    • Supports TEDS
    • 180 x 150 x 95mm (wxhxd) excluding cable glands
    • 64kB for storing 1020 or FLEX range of products

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    Product Name

    Type KVD

    • connection box for up to 4 load cells  
    •  4 x 5 screw connectors      
    • with compensation resistors   
    • enclosure is made of polyester, finished with 5 cable glands   
    • protection class IP 66

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    Product Name

    Type CEC 

    • connection for extending load cell cable     
    • option of adding a compensation resistor     
    • enclosure  reinforced fiberglass polyester   
    • protection class IP65

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    Product Name

    Type Load Cell Cable

    • six wire
    • shielded
    • specifically designed for use in combination with strain gages
    • colour grey