“weighing” Fish

2017-03-30 ede /assets/0/175/78/10737419273/e139f513-3b74-4ce7-a9a2-87077e250883.jpg?n=3518 According to the Fish Product Board, in the Netherlands we jointly consume approximately 47,000,000 kg of fish, shellfish and crustaceans per year. A good weight determination is, also in this sector, very important. Fish, shellfish and crustaceans are not only sold based on weight, the weight determination is also important in the processing. Weighing is part of the quality control, prevents waste and offers a solid base for determining the yield.

Fish is being sold fresh, deep frozen, filleted, breaded, fried, conserved and smoked. Shellfish and crustaceans are being brought to the market fresh, boiled, deep frozen or as preserves. The fish and fish products also reach the consumer through the specialist retailers, specialised stores, fish stalls, supermarkets and the hospitality sector.

To keep such completely different mass flows under control, is a challenge in itself. In addition, all these variations also have their own approach and therefore require specific sorts of weighing equipment. Complicating factors are, furthermore, that fish is expensive and vulnerable, thus perishable. This places high demands on the efficiency  of  the weighing equipment and the hygiene.

In the fish processing industry, the tough circumstances have to be taken into account, like fluctuations in temperature and humidity, corrosion caused by salt and acid atmospheres and continuously running large electrical / diesel engines. These factors are of great influence during the processing of delicate natural products like fish and shellfish, and on the working of mechanical and electronic instruments that are being used.

In all parts of the food chain, so from the net to the plate, PENKO is experienced. Besides the correct electronics, PENKO takes care of the process automation and considers the most suitable solutions with the customers.

The instrumentation complies with and exceeds the legal demands.

A vulnerable product Fishery and fish farming belong to the world’s greatest sources of sustainable food. There is a rising demand for a healthy and low fat form of protein. Also, the growing population in all parts of the world are looking for food as well as employment. The fishery industry can meet the demands of millions of people. Because of the delicate and perishable character of the product, fast and hygienic automated processes are of critical importance in keeping a high quality. They are also key factors to guarantee a sustainable production from ‘the water to the plate’ during catching, auctioning, the wholesaler and the primary and secondary processing to consumer level.  

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